Snowy Owl Felt (plastic easter egg) Ornaments

The Tiny Funnel
The ornaments I’ve been making this month are fast, easy and use simple crafting supplies that I have on hand (and they’re supposed to fast for me to make, photograph and write up each night as well).

They’re meant to be fun activities for kids but not meant to be”keepsakes.” That’s why this owl craft uses double sided tape instead of tacky glue- I’ve found that double side tape works well in place of tacky glue for a quick project- less messy and much faster.

I’ve covered a lot of things with felt and tacky glue and it’s a great combination- like this ice candy castle I made for work a while back. It's made from cardboard boxes, Aleen's tacky glue and felt with movable candy parts.

If you want to use that combination, brush the tacky glue on the plastic egg about an .5” at a time and then press the fringed felt in place.
Plastic Easter egg
Felt – white, grey, orange and black
Double sided tape
Clear tape
Small glue dots (or tacky glue)
Sequins (or googly eyes or plastic jewels for pupils)
Thumb tack
String or ribbon for hanging

Poke a hole in the top of the plastic egg, and then widen it with a thicker needle or a toothpick.

Loop and knot a 9” long piece of string or ribbon and thread the loop through the needle.
Push the needle through the inside and out the top of the plastic egg and remove the needle.

Secure the egg shut with clear tape.
Cut a 1” wide by 41” long strip of white felt.

Add .5” double sided tape to one edge of the felt then fringe the other edge up to the line of the tape.

Start at the bottom of the egg and add the taped felt, slowly pressing it as the strip moves around and up the side.

Trim the end at the top with scissors.
Add double sided tape to the back of the 2 oval white “wings”, an orange (or black) triangle beak and the two 1” grey felt circles.
Use glue dots or tacky glue to add the black circles and sequins.

The Tiny Funnnel

The Tiny Funnel

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