Cupcake Wrapper Ornaments

The Tiny Funnel
My goal is to make one ornament every day in December up until the 24th...using only (mostly) what I have on hand--very simple ornaments that are easy, easy, easy and fast for kids. And today - I give you the cupcake wrapper ornament.

The Tiny Funnel

  • Paper cupcake wrappers- regular and mini sizes
  • Glue stick 
  • Clear tape
  • Pipe cleaner or twine or a paper clip
  • Scissors- fancy edged ones are good too

  1. Flatten or even iron (adults job) the cupcake wrappers.
  2. Fold 8 wrappers in half with the pretty side inside.
  3. Add glue stick to one half wrapper on the back side.
  4. Then line up the edges of the next wrapper and smooth it into place. Continue until all 8 wrappers have been attached EXCEPT the last one.
  5. Add the hanger in the middle seam with clear tape- it could be an opened paper clip, a length of knotted twine or a pipe cleaner section with a hook bent end.
  6. Add glue stick and close the ball with the hanger nestled inside.
  7. Trim any paper edges that are not quite lined up.

That's it!
One option is to use the fancy edges scissors or even to trim the ball into other shapes. The lightweight colorful paper is easy for kids to cut through even when there are several layers.

OR make a bunch of balls and string them on a garland.

OR try making them with doilies... it's a little more complicated as the glue stick will go through the holes-- put fresh scrap paper under each doily when adding the glue stick.


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