Felt Ribbon Wreath Ornaments

The Tiny Funnel
Have you ever eaten ribbon candy?

I loved it as a kid- it seemed so exotic to me. I sometimes still see it in stores and it reminds me of being little and visiting my relatives where there were treats like that we didn't have in our home- like rum balls and chocolate covered cherries.
 The Tiny Funnel

These little felt ribbon wreaths are easy to make- they might need an extra pair of hands to tie the ends off. I tried making them with regular thread but it wasn't quite strong enough- maybe double the thread or use a length of Perle cotton if you don't have filament.

Two 36"  lengths of 1/2" wide felt strips- (2 colors plus a little scrap to make a bow)
Filament (or Perle cotton)
Glue dots (or white glue)

Cut and layer the felt strips; if you need to, overlap lengths to make long pieces.

Thread a 25" length of filament with a needle and anchor/knot it through both layers of felt at one end
Leave a 5” tail to tie off with later.

Thread the needle through the felt with a running stitch- in .5" sections.
The Tiny Funnel
Pull the filament to tighten the felt ribbons and continue until you have finished threading the length of the felt strips – you can make the wreaths bigger or smaller (though increase the width of the felt ribbon if the wreath is made larger).

Completely tighten and tie/knot (this is where a child might need help) the filament and trim.
The Tiny Funnel
Cut and tie a little felt bow and use a glue dot to add the bow to the wreath (hide the seam where the 2 ends meet).

Add a little jewel, sequin or tiny pom-pom-whatever you have.  

Attach a looped string hanger at the top.
The Tiny Funnel

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