Little Candy House Ornaments

The Tiny Funnel
The Tiny Funnel
Originally, I made these as gingerbread houses but they evolved into candy holder ornaments
They also got complicated at one point with a full one piece wrap around cardboard outer layer. At the 11th hour (literally) I decided to add the house pieces individually--so much easier-- and then to add the roof with tacky glue.

Match box (remove the matches)
Double sided tape
Tacky glue
Cereal box weight cardboard (I used a coffee filter box)
Paper fastener
X-Acto knife
Office dots, gel pen and/or glitter glue
Push pin
String or ribbon

Remove the interior match box and cut a vertical slit in the middle of one short side.

Insert the paper fastener as a knob. Set aside.

Cut little house fronts, backs and sides to cover the match box.
Draw the designs on the house front and back BEFORE they’re added to the match box- if using glitter glue to decorate- allow it to dry completely.

Add the decorated cardboard house parts onto the match box outside surfaces with double sided tape.

Cut and decorate a .5” to .75 wide roof.

Poke a hole with a push pin (or use a hole punch) in the middle of the roof and add a looped piece of ribbon or sting through the underside.

Run tacky glue on the roof edges on the box then add the roof piece and allow to completely dry before hanging.

The Tiny Funnel
Insert the candy drawer (with candy).

The Tiny Funnel

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