Christmas Tree Ornaments

The Tiny Funnel

A tree for a tree! Or maybe an alternative to the mini bottle brush trees that are so popular right now.  I’m still trying to use only what I have on hand (sorry Joann's and Michael’s) and I made a beautiful mini garland last fall for a job and have a LOT of left over tulle. The key to these trees is tying, twisting and trimming the tulle.
The Tiny Funnel
Tulle on a roll (10 yards)-I used 3” wide tulle from Joann Fabrics but you could also use 6“ wide
Pipe Cleaner- sparkly is harder to work with than regular pipe cleaners-but not impossible
Wooden bead
Decorations- Adhesive jewels, glitter, sequins etc.

Wrap all the tulle around a book or folder – I used a 12” wide folder but anything that’s around that width will work.
Cut along both edges to make 6" long strips of tulle.

Tie an open knot with the length of tulle.
Slip the loop over the pipe cleaner about 2 inches up the pipe cleaner length then tighten the loop.
Some people (like me) tie the knot directly onto the pipe cleaner and other people (like my mom) make the knot before. Your choice.

Repeat the tulle knots with rest of the tulle lengths and push the knots together every so often.
Trim the top off the pipe cleaner and make a little loop around a marker or pencil and trim off the extra.
Now have fun trimming the tree with scissors- it’s like giving a poodle a hair cut (I have a poodle).
Trim the tulle shorter on the top and wider on the bottom.
Start slowly and turn the tree around as it is trimmed.

When the trimming is finished, trim the pipe cleaner bottom about 2 inches long and bend it until it fits in the hole of the bead (or trim it more if necessary).
The Tiny FunnelAdd adhesive jewels or sequins etc.
Here are the mini pompom tulle garlands- they were never published but I love them.
 The Tiny Funnel


  1. These little trees are just adorable! I’ve been looking for something simple that my grandkids can make & this is perfect!

  2. These are so cute - thank you