Paper Straw Ornaments (Geometric Shapes)

The Tiny Funnel
I have several ideas for paper straw ornaments but I love these tiny graphic shapes I made for work a while back- I really want to start with them. 

Pipe cleaners
Paper straws

Yup- that's it!
Cut the straws into the same lengths for each shape- whether its 1.5 inches, 2 inches or 3 inches.
Bend a pipe cleaner into 1
inch sections - three "mountains" for a tri-straw connection or four "mountains" for a 4 straw-connection (cube). Trim the excess pipe cleaner.
Squeeze and bend the pipe cleaner mountains into three legs or four legs.
Slip the paper straw sections over the pipe cleaner legs.
Angle the "legs" to construct cubes or pyramids or other shapes.

Hang the shapes separately or nest and hang them inside each other.
If they start to come apart- add a dab of Aleen's tacky glue to the pipe cleaner ends and reassemble- allow to dry completely.

The Tiny Funnel

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