Ping Pong Snowmen Ornaments

The Tiny Funnel
3 Ping pong balls
String or filament
Plastic bottle cap
(Longish) Needle
Small bead
Push pin
Sharpie paint pens/oil (or Sharpie permanent markers)

The Tiny Funnel
This ornament started life as a garland that sadly, was canceled this fall. I love that the spacer beads look like ears muffs.

I tested a couple of different face types and markers and found that the Sharpie paint pens/oil stayed on the ping pong ball surface the best with sharpie permanent marker second best. Also- once the ball is pierced, it’s really easy to squish it in on its self.

The Tiny Funnel
Use the bottle cap to rest the ping pong balls while drawing the snowman face- allow to the paint pen to dry. Add the buttons to the other 2 balls.

Make a hole in the bottle cap with the push pin.
Add the bead the length of filament.
Then thread BOTH ends of the string through the needle eye and go through the bottom of the first ball.
Go through the bottom of the second ball and then through the bottom of the snowman face and come out the top of the head and up through the inside of the bottle cap. 

Remove the needle and tie a knot off about 3 inches from the top of the bottle cap as a hanger.

The Tiny Funnel

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