Jeweled Star Ornaments

The Tiny Funnel
December 4th! The 4th ornament in an "ornament a day" December.
These sparkly stars are made from wire trash ties, glue dots and plastic jewels. I'm limiting myself to what we have on hand but I also found a few adhesive backed jewels (clear plastic backing) in my stash. Either way- the stars are very simple to make.

Use 4 trash ties- twist them together into a star shape.
Add the plastic jewels to the glue dots- I like the small 3/16"

Thermoweb Zots Clear Adhesive Dots, from the scrap booking section of the craft store (or Amazon-no affiliation).
Peel the jewels off the paper backing (with the glue dots attached) and add them to the star wires on one side.
Bend one tie to make a loop (after trimming off the excess paper) then trim the remaining ties.
Add jewels to the second side and line them up with the gems on the first side. 
Add a big jewel in the center on both sides. 
I found silver ties in a drawer-score! Festive! I used the adhesive jewels on the silver wired star- they actually peel off their backing plastic in one strip- so easy!

TheTtiny Funnel 

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