Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloween Eye Can!

The Tiny Funnel
As we get closer to Halloween I'm making fast, easy projects in the 10 minute craft theme...but my secret theme is "eyes". Did you notice?

This monster fur container with googly eyes can hold silverware, straws, or even art supplies-pencils, brushes and markers. It's made from a (28 ounce tomato or any size) can or tea tin; cleaned and dried with the edges flattened down along the rim.

It's easy to get colored fur at Joann Fabrics at Halloween (not year round) but I usually buy swatches from Michael's (our local store had fuschia!).

Cut the fake fur fabric to fit the outside of the can then hot glue the fabric in place (the can gets hot so be careful). 

Add the eyes with little dabs of hot glue (not enough to melt the plastic or burn yourself).
The Tiny Funnel

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