Friday, November 9, 2018

Paper Snakes

This is one of my favorite Halloween crafts and we filled our wall with them this year.

12”x12” scrap booking card stock
Adhesive jewel eyes (or markers)

Place the card stock pattern side down on a soft surface such as a folded newspaper, pad of paper, a magazine or fun foam.

Use blunt pencil, knitting needle or a ballpoint pen to draw a curvy line that winds and curves itself starting at the top corner of the paper to the opposite corner of the paper.

On one end of the line draw a triangle shaped head. 

Trim the paper ½” on both sides of the line, tapering the cut at the bottom to make the tail.

Flip the paper over and pinch along the scored line and the snake will start to curve in on its self.

Add eyes.
Attach them to the wall with removable adhesive- I like the 3M removable foam squares.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

String Nest Bowl for Easter

I've been wanting to make a giant double sided string bowl ever since I made the little ones for Easter a couple of years ago. They came about because our string eggs were squished and I loved the double weave and the little space in between the layers.

Cotton yarn skein
White glue
Popsicle or craft stick   
2-3 Plastic trash bags
Glass bowl
Measuring cup

Get ready:
Protect the table surface with plastic bag (maybe even the floor).
Cut armholes and a neck hole in the other plastic bag and put it on like a smock.

Add ¼ water to ½ cup glue in the measuring cup –mix well with the craft stick.
Pull the yarn end from the middle of the skein.
Add the cotton yarn skein to the glass bowl.

Pour the glue water straight down into the middle of the skein.

Swish the cotton yarn skein around with the craft stick and let it absorb the glue water.
Pull the string from the middle of the skein and wrap the wet yarn around the balloon.
Cover the whole balloon.
This is messy- that’s why you’re wearing a trash bag to protect your clothes – you'll find that you need to brace the balloon against your tummy to wrap the gluey string around the balloon (notice in the picture my bag is too small).

Set the balloon on the bowl to dry overnight (don’t worry, you can wash the bowl later).

Turn the balloon to make sure all the yarn is COMPLETELY DRY.
Gently check to see if the string is pulling away from the balloon then use a pin to burst the balloon.

The Tiny Funnel
Carefully pull the deflated balloon out from the egg.

The Tiny Funnel
Push the middle top down into the center and squish the side edges together.