Monday, December 17, 2018

Gingerbread House Tissue Box

The Tiny Funnel
This is a great project to have kids decorate with stickers, Gelly or Paint pens (I like Posca acrylic pens but sharpie pens could work), patterned paper (scrap booking or wrapping paper), pom-poms, sequins, whatever the heart desires! The cutting is definitely an adults job.
You could cover it with felt and add cute felt candies. You--do you!

Corrugated cardboard

Hot glue Gun (and glue sticks)
X-Acto knife and cutting surface

This project is easiest if it’s made so that the cardboard bends with its “grain”, the direction the corrugation runs. Make scoring lines so that they're in the same direction corrugation too.

Measure and cut a 20” long  by 7.5” piece of cardboard (corrugation vertical on long side).

Next, cut an 8“x 6“
piece for the roof (corrugation vertical on long side) and then lastly, cut a 6“x 2“piece for the chimney (corrugation vertical on long side).

On the 20” piece, measure, mark and score a vertical line every 5” across the length (lightly use the x-acto knife to cut through only the first layer of cardboard).

Draw a line 5.5" up from the bottom edge.
Divide the 2nd and 4th sections in half (2.5”) and make a mark at the top of the sections.

Draw connection lines from the top marks down to each side intersection to designate 2 roof sections.

Score and cut the roof sections out.

The best time to draw designs is when the house is flat.
Fold the scored sections back and forth and then hide the score/drawing lines by folding them inside the house. 

Use a line of hot glue to connect the 2 edges- hold in place until the glue is cool so that the pressure of the cardboard doesn’t force the house to spring open.

For the roof:

Measure 4” to the middle of the 8" piece of cardboard (i.e. half).
Score the line.
Fold the cardboard back and forth.
Measure and mark a 1.75” x 1.5” rectangle in the center of the roof – long sides of the roof and rectangle lined up
This may seem odd to cut the hole as a rectangle and not a square but when the roof is angled, the hole changes size.

Cut the rectangle out.

Bend the score line and flip the roof over and decorate.

On the last piece of cardboard, measure, mark, and score lines
alternating 1.25” and then 1.5” apart.

Fold the scored sections back and forth and then back- hide the score/drawing lines inside the chimney.

Fold the chimney together and use a line of hot glue to connect the 2 edges- hold in place until the glue is cool (so that the pressure of the cardboard doesn’t force the chimney to spring open).

Add/push the chimney into the roof THEN glue the roof to the house.

Reach inside and add dots of glue to the chimney to secure in place.
Decorate more!!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Paper Snakes

This is one of my favorite Halloween crafts and we filled our wall with them this year.

12”x12” scrap booking card stock
Adhesive jewel eyes (or markers)

Place the card stock pattern side down on a soft surface such as a folded newspaper, pad of paper, a magazine or fun foam.

Use blunt pencil, knitting needle or a ballpoint pen to draw a curvy line that winds and curves itself starting at the top corner of the paper to the opposite corner of the paper.

On one end of the line draw a triangle shaped head. 

Trim the paper ½” on both sides of the line, tapering the cut at the bottom to make the tail.

Flip the paper over and pinch along the scored line and the snake will start to curve in on its self.

Add eyes.
Attach them to the wall with removable adhesive- I like the 3M removable foam squares.