Friday, April 10, 2015

Squam Blossoms for Squam Art Workshops

I understand now why the lure of a Squam Art Workshops retreat is so great. It holds the sisters I never had, the neighbors I wish I had, and the friends I long for. I think some people are lucky-they experience change and connection in their first retreat. It's took me 4 tries. Yes, I'm a late bloomer and a very shy one at that.
My time at the last fall Squam was different from previous visits.  I felt real acceptance from the women in my cabin that I had previously only seen there, but not experienced. It felt like I finally, finally met women who understand what I’m going through:  how to engage and remain true to myself and not always pull to the needs and lure of others and to nurture what is creative and original in myself.  I know now what it is like to have a "tribe" at Squam, to ask a hard question and have it answered, to offer a heart with openness.

It is rare to be in such fine company.
I don’t see them often but I keep up with their lives in Facebook and Instagram and would like to see them there again.

Elizabeth Duvivier, the amazing woman who started Squam Art Workshops posted a contest to use up to the leftover bags from previous workshops: make anything with the bag, include the logo and win a spot! There is a second prize of a $500 gift certificate towards a workshop that is running through Instagram. So I entered.
Here is my project – I call them Squam Blossoms. I used the handles of the bag for the stems and the printed flowers for the buds.

You can also see the other amazing entries at #TotesSquam.