Thursday, October 27, 2016

Contact Paper Skeleton Hands

The Tiny FunnelThese skeleton hands are easy to make and you can put them almost anywhere. I made toilet tentacles for work this year- sometimes it’s hard to find black contact paper; this craft uses white contact paper which is easier to find. 

The Tiny Funnel


Contact paper
Glue stick
Some kind of template- you can do a search on the internet for "skeleton hand templates" and find all kinds or draw one yourself.

Lightly use glue-stick to attach the template to the back of the contact paper and cut the shape out.

Gently peel the template paper off and re-glue it FRONT SIDE DOWN to the back of a second piece of contact paper (so you have opposite hands).
Peel the paper backing off the contact paper and stick it to a clean dry surface.

Of course! Use common sense- don’t stick it a priceless heirloom but the fridge, a mirror or a door all work well. 

The Tiny Funnel 

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