Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crepe Paper Easter Egg Garland

I’ve being working on a project using crepe paper and this was something that happened along the way. I suppose you could make the eggs with tissue paper but the crepe paper was so easy and when the edges over lap, they make a new color stripe!
It’s really beautiful to see the hanging eggs in the sun. They glow almost like stained glass.

Contact paper
Crepe paper streamers
Thin Sharpie marker

Cut two 4.5” strips of contact paper (the roll is 18”).
Peel the paper back off one strip and lay the film sticky side up on the table.

Add a length of crepe paper to the center of the sticky contact paper then add a 2nd length and over lap them slightly.

Add a 3rd length of crepe paper to the bottom.

Now, you could just cut your eggs out here- you don’t need to encase them in a second layer of contact paper but I did.

Remove the paper back off the 2nd strip and lay the film sticky side over the crepe paper.

Really press the 2 surfaces together.

Trace around an egg shape cut from card stock – mine measures 4" tall.

Remember to flip the egg template so there are different top and bottom colors.

First, lay the eggs out and arrange them in the order they will go on the string.

Then cut the string to about 6’ (or more/less if needed) and thread the needle through the top of each egg about .25" from the edge.