Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pipe Cleaner Crowns for Royal Easter Eggs

I’ve dyed a lot of Easter eggs for work projects in the past and I‘m really glad to take a break from dyeing this year. I’m not even going to hard boil any eggs! I bought white painted wooden ones from the craft store.

Last year, I made costumes and hats for the work eggs-it was fun and inspired our home egg project- we're only making Royal pipe cleaner crowns for a Royal Egg court! I tried to make them out of wire but it was a little too complicated for kids. 

Just bend the pipe cleaner into a zigzag or curved line, you can weave a second pipe cleaner in and out of the design.Then fit it around the egg and snip the ends with nail clippers (that's easiest for kids).

The only thing that you might want to know how to do is to connect the pipe cleaner ends- I make 2 little hooks and hook them onto each other and press them flat.

You could use hard boiled eggs (our neighbors have chickens now!) and bottle lids to rest them on.

Also -we used permanent sharpie markers on the wooden eggs to make the faces.

This one has a few beads strung on- a little more complicated.

We tried making them as tiaras and as crowns; the tiaras don't stay on as well as the crowns for us.