Friday, March 28, 2014

Doughnut Bunny

We actually eat a lot of fruit and vegetables but I think in doughnuts- what can I say? They're round and they can be cut apart and made into so many different things! But I always try to use cake doughnuts, not frosted ones (unless it's dirt bike cake and needs boulders-then nothing but chocolate doughnut holes will do) so at least there is some moderation. These little bunnies only use a half a doughnut each - so they're even healthier. Right?

1 cake doughnut
White frosting
Sweet flaked coconut *chopped extra and sifted
Pink sanding sugar
Pink dot candy
Mini chocolate chips

Special equipment: 
Frosting knife
Spray oil
*Prep the coconut- I chopped ours a little  in the food processor as my bunnies were looking hairy – not fuzzy; then I sifted out the sugar dust. You can substitute shaved white chocolate if you don’t like coconut.
Prep the scissors – spray a little oil onto the blades then wipe it off; this will prevent the marshmallows from sticking. You may need to wash and reapply if you’re cutting a lot.

Cut the doughnut in half.
Cut a laid back L shape from the top of one half.
Cut 2 slices away from the front on either side to create the bunny nose.

Frost all but the uncut parts of the doughnut (skip the bottom).
Carefully frost the cut sections (then you won't get crumbs in your frosting).



Set the doughnut into the coconut and cover it completely- you can pat the coconut on too.
Pick the doughnut up and set it aside (I thread a chopstick through the bottom middle and transport it to the tray).


Use the oiled scissors to cut a marshmallow in half on a diagonal, then cut each half again to make 4 sections:  2 ears, one tail and an extra bit to pop in your mouth.

Dip the sticky side of the marshmallow ears and tail in the sanding sugar so they pick up the sugar.
Then dab a bit of frosting to the back of each ear and attach to the front ledge of the face.
Dab frosting on the tail and add it to the bum.


Stick in the chocolate chip eyes and add the nose with a bit of frosting-you might need tweezers to add the sprinkle whiskers.


I tried a lot of different whiskers- chowmein noodles, licorice, potatoes sticks, uncooked pasta (ugh!) and at the end of the day these little sprinkles seemed just right.
But they are tedious to get in there- choose the longest ones!


  1. Too cute for words! And what I love most is that all the baking is GONE! Just playing with frosting and decorating! Perfect for kids!!!

  2. These look as much fun to make as they would be to eat! I'll be sharing this on The Crafty Crow soon :)