Saturday, August 6, 2016

Fairy House Week Part 6: Fairy House Mini Washi Tape Bunting

The Tiny Funnel 
Every fairy house needs to have a little bunting - made from fabric or washi tape it makes the house festive and welcoming.

Japanese Washi tape
Bakers twine, Perle cotton, embroidery floss, waxed thread- basically any thin string
2 sticks

The Tiny Funnel
  • Cut a length of string.
  • Place a 2” long, piece of Washi tape –sticky side up under the string.
  • Fold the Washi tape onto itself with the string in the middle. 
  • Trim the tape bottom straight.
  • Trim the sides to make a triangle shape or make a forked flag by cutting out a small triangle at the bottom of the folded tape.
  • Repeat along the string – cutting the folded tape to the same length then into a triangle shape.

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