Monday, August 1, 2016

Fairy House Week Part 1: Fairy Doors

Awhile back, I worked on a huge Fairy House project for an assignment for work but the project was canceled. I can’t let the houses go --they were so much fun and magical to make. At the time, I was asked to write up EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of the Fairy House Project and now- I will post them here on the blog over the coming week.

The Tiny Funnel
The first project is a fairy door. It goes against any tree trunk, nook or cranny. It’s meant to be temporary- as all fairy things are meant to be.

3 Popsicle sticks
4 tongue depressors
Kitchen scissors to cut the wood
Craft knife (not shown)
Modeling clay to hold the house doors onto the bark
The Popsicle sticks are thicker the tongue depressors and need to be scored and snapped with a craft knife.

Line the 4 tongue depressors flush next to each.

Use hot glue to add the first Popsicle stick horizontally in the middle across the surface of the tongue depressors --not quite flush with one side.

You could cut the Popsicle sticks first instead of trimming them later.

Add the 2 more sticks on the top and bottom about an inch away from the middle stick.

Draw and trim a curve onto the top of the door using the strong kitchen scissors (in this picture I’d not yet trimmed the popsicle sticks).

Trim the sticks flush with the edge of the door. Add a door handle stone, stick etc. with a dab of hot glue.
Use modeling clay to hold the door onto the bark.

The Tiny Funnel

Next up: Part 2

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