Friday, August 5, 2016

Fairy House Week Part 5: Fairy Fences and Ladders

Te Tiny FunnelSometimes fairies like little ladders, fences, and walkways for their homes- here are a couple of ways we've constructed them in our Fairy House Construction week.

The Ladder/Fence

To make the Fairy House ladder, cut 2 sticks into 12” lengths.
Cut smaller sticks into 2”-2.5”lengths.
Lay the long sticks parallel to each other about 1.5” to 2” apart.
Use (hot or wood) glue to attach the short sticks every 1” to both long sticks to make the ladder.
Propped up – a ladder.
On its side – a fence.

Laying down - a walkway.

The Tiny Funnel 

The Tiny Funnel 
The Tiny Funnel 

Mini Rope Ladder



Cut twigs into small sections-about 3” each.
Cut 2 lengths of twine, twice as long as the length of the finished ladder.
Make a knot around the end of a twig with one piece of twine, leaving a 3” tail on one end.
Continue to tie the twigs every inch or so until all the rungs are in place on one side.
Repeat on the other side, keeping the twigs even on the second length of twine.
Trim any remaining twine.


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