Sunday, December 20, 2015

Milk Jug Snow Star Ornaments

The Tiny Funnel
A long time ago I worked for a wonderful art director who made a stunning skirt from milk jug panels cut into circles. Ever since then I've looked at milk jugs differently. Today's ornament was inspired in part by that distant memory and a chance encounter with a really cool clock while shopping for Christmas presents and I was inspired to make these snow stars.

Template (Click on link)

Empty clean plastic milk jug
Push Pin
Adhesive jewels
Thin marker

Optional: nail polish remover to remove marker lines if necessary

Print and cut the template out.
Cut the top section off the jug.
Cut the handle off the jug.

Cut the 4 panels off the container.
Dry the panels if they're wet.

Trace around the template onto a panel with a fine point marker.

Cut the snow stars out with scissors.
Clean the marker off with water and paper towels (or if it's more stubborn use nail polish remover).

Use a push pin to make a hole in one of the snow star's arms.

Decorate with jewels and hang your beautiful creation!

The Tiny Funnel

The Tiny Funnel

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