Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rolled Magazine Paper Ornaments

The Tiny Funnel
Everyone here has been so patient as I trundle upstairs each night to "make my ornament." But it's been particularly nice to have my mom visiting and she has become indispensable as a photography, paper rolling assistant. However, we're counting the days down to the 24th - my last ornament for the year. And then, I'll take a long winters nap and maybe it will snow!

Magazine pages
Glue stick
Cookie cutters

Wax paper
White glue

Rip pages from a magazine-I've done this project with newsprint and it's very dirty so stay with colorful (but not messy) magazines.

Cut a page in half horizontally (do a better job than I did here).
The reason to cut and glue it together is that the grain of the paper makes it easier or harder to roll the paper with or without crimping.

Cut sections 2" to 4" strips depending on how tall you are making your ornament. 

1) Fold the strip in half.

2) Fold one side into the half fold line.

3) Fold the other side into the half fold line.

4) Fold and glue the two halves together.

By doing it this way - you don't see any single edges.

Tuck a rolled strip into the edges of the cookie cutter and use glue stick to close the shape. keep it in the cookie cutter while the other rolls are made and added.

To make the rolls, start at one end of a strip and make a tiny fold and then a second fold and then roll the strip. Add a second strip for a larger roll.

Add the rolls into the cookie cutter until it is filled.
Push the rolls down so they're flush with the table surface (that will be the "front").
On a piece of wax paper add a dab of white glue into between the rolls and along the outer strip of paper.
Add a little glue to the front and sprinkle some glitter (over the wax paper).

Allow the glue to dry completely before removing the ornament from the cookie cutter and adding a string to hang.

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