Wool Felted Eggs

Wool roving
Wood eggs or (plastic eggs with electrical tape around the seam)
Knee Highs or cut Nylon legs
Wire twist ties

Pull off 3 sections of wool roving (available at some Joann’s, some Michaels and yarn stores).

Spread the roving pieces into 4”x4” sections.
Wrap the wool around the egg, crossing the 3 layers perpendicular on top of each other.

Add any little designs- small tufts of wool or strands (could even use wool yarn).

Insert the egg into nylon leg or knee high, twist a wire (bread or trash) tie to shut the nylon; insert the next egg in the same nylon and twist tie - do a whole row- like sausages!

Throw the eggs in their nylon casing into the washer; wash on hot and then dry completely in the dryer.
I did NOT have a problem with eggs in the dryer- I ran them through with a load of towels but don' t do it if you think it might hurt your dryer (- i.e. I'm not responsible if your dryer breaks for any reason, okay?)

Remove the eggs from the nylon- it’s normal for some fibers to get stuck in the nylon- just gently pull free.

If the wool is too loose or there are too many fibers sticking off, make the wool covering even tighter by re-felting the egg.


Re-wet the wool covered egg with hot water and ¼ teaspoon dish soap, rub for several minutes, rinse very well with cold water and allow to dry.

Soon I'll show you how to use these eggs to make treasure bags!


  1. I LOVE this! Saw your link on Crafty Crow and just had to pop over! Never would have thought to add the "embellishments" and designs BEFORE felting!

  2. Do you just let them dry naturally if you do not have a dryer?
    Very clear instructions..thanks


  3. Hi Lynda,
    No, I don’t think you need to dry the eggs in the dryer. As long as the wool has felted in the wash- the action of the hot water, soap and rubbing work together to felt the wool –that’s the magic. Especially with little children, their attention is so fleeting; machine washing offers a quick solution to doing a bunch of eggs. But I've re-wet eggs and we've rubbed them with warm water and soap to tighten them up and they air dried with no problem. If you test air drying, please let me know how it works out for you- Thanks!

  4. Just read your note to Lynda and wanted to share that Diane and I have made felted balls using the washing machine AND dried them, still in the stockings, in the drier. Actually low heat. Tightens up the fibers nicely. As with just washing, some fibers always work their way into the mesh, but can be carefully pulled away.