Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blogs and Bunnies

I enrolled in Décor8  Blog Boss class last week. I wanted to learn to look critically at my blog to make it better and to have a focus (because you know, I started this blog because someone was flip with me) -I'm just finding my way slowly.

So I’m doing the homework, experimenting with things and every day I add something or try something new…eventually returning to the old format with one new thing in place. Not that it is better but change is not easy for me. Eventually I'll commit to a new format but for now it’s interesting to experiment. I’ve learned that while I’m interested in sharing little projects, I’m hesitant to share my thoughts.

And here’s a picture because I like blogs that have pictures.  Most of the projects I do are for work so I can’t share them. However, this beet pickled hard boiled bunny was a mock up for work last year.
Happy Spring!

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