Thursday, February 14, 2013

Winter Break Project-Bottle Printing

Printing on fabric and paper. The paper test scraps become wrapping paper and cards.

Flat disposable surface (plastic or paper plate; recycled Styrofoam tray etc.)
Foam Brush
Paper or fabric (protect layers)
A variety of plastic bottles
Test paper scraps 
I think Polar seltzer & Aqua Pods make the best prints 
If printing fabric- use fabric paint.
On paper- acrylic (I have not tested tempera paint)
Table surface protection!

Squirt the paint on plate or a recycled Styrofoam tray.  
Spread the paint flat with foam brush.
Put the bottle on the plate to pick up the paint- dip it twice.
Then set it on the paper.
You can use the bottle bottom to make the main shape but add details by printing with the lid, pencil erasers and/or tiny finger tips.


Here are some tips:
Test first on scrap paper- not all bottles make a good print-Polar Seltzer worked great.
Different bottles make different shapes.
Use bottles with water in them- especially with little people as they will enthusiastically slam the bottle down and crush it.
If it’s not working, try brushing the paint on the bottle bottom- or move on to another bottle.
Lastly- smooth the paint surface on the tray between every couple of prints.

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