Ribbon Spool Reindeer Ornaments

The Tiny Funnel
I was cleaning my work space today and 2 things were sitting next to each other on the work table-- an empty ribbon spool and a bent pipe cleaner. Together they looked like a reindeer with antlers --so, I pushed the idea a little and ta-da! December 13th's ornament.

You can use any size pompom for the nose and either buttons or googly eyes- play around to see what works for you. 

Empty 3.25” cardboard ribbon spool
2 brown pipe cleaners
2 eyes -- googly eyes or black and white buttons
1.5” Wide ribbon
Brown card stock 

Glue dots
Glue stick

Trace around the cardboard spool, then cut 2 circles from the brown card stock.
Use glue stick to add both circles to the each side of the spool.

Twist a pipe cleaner in the ribbon channel around the spool.
Cut the second pipe cleaner into 4 equal sections.

Twist one 1/4 pipe cleaner section around each of the twisted pipe cleaner ends to make the antlers.

Add the button eyes and pompom nose with glue dots.

Tie the wide ribbon into a bow then add it to the bottom of the spool.

Tie a string to hang the ornament around the pipe cleaner.

The Tiny Funnel

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