Christmas String Ornaments

These string disks are one of my favorite projects I made for work for Christmas this year. They may even use things you already have around the house (because everyone has adhesive jewels- right?) They're fast and easy to make and are a great idea for an ornament exchange.

These pictures were taken in July-my camera is broken! It's been acting wonky since Halloween and now the lens is down for the count.
Very sad. I have some projects planned but will have to wait to post until a fix is found.

  • Bakers twine
  • Light weight cardboard (from a white gift box or a thick paper plate)
  • Adhesive Gems (or sequins or pom poms plus glue-use what you have)
  • Pinking scissors
  • Optional: Glitter paper/ tacky glue
Trace around a can or lid on the cardboard then cut out the disks.
Trim each disk with pinking scissors.
Tie one end of a length of bakers twine around the middle of the disk with the knot on the "back".
Wrap the twine around the disk, moving from one notch on the top and then to the bottom until the disk is completely filled.
Tie and knot the twine off at the back.
Add an adhesive gem to the front center (and the back if you like) of the disk.
Determine which edge looks best at the top and thread a short length of twine through the string in the notch and tie the ends together to make a loop.

You could also add to the "back side" with a slightly larger disk cut from glitter paper.

Glitter paper doesn't stick well to things - double sided tapes and glue dots haven't worked for me. So far- tacky glue is the only thing that has done the job.



  1. I really like the appearance of the glittery border peeking out. I suppose you could use twisted yarns as well as butcher's twine.

    FYI Best Glue Ever from ScraPerfect will hold that glitter paper, and you can make your own custom sized glue spots and stick down gemstones if they happen not to be sticky back.