Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ice Cream Cone Surprise "Scoops"

The Tiny FunnelThe Tiny Funnel

It's the perfect time to make a surprise ball ice cream cone for someone (maybe someone at camp? hint, hint). Tuck some little surprises into the crepe paper "scoop". We made them at Halloween with candy and little toys in Witches Heads -here.

First, wrap crepe paper streamer around small toys and treats-set it aside and then make the paper cone out of any kind of paper you like.

Here's a quick list of some things (including candy) to wrap up in the ball:

Bus tickets
Cute pins to stick on bags
Dollar bill (folded into an origami shape)
Erasers in fun shapes-puzzle erasers
Flat candy (chocolate coins, interesting gum flavors)
Gold dollars
Googly eyes
Guitar picks
Hair Ties
Little charms-metal or glass treasures (animals etc.)
Gag presents
Magic Fortune Telling Fish
Matchbox car
Mini harmonica necklace
Mini Legos figures
Mini compact mirror
Miniature or post-it sized notepad
Miniature pen
Movie passes
Patterned/Colored shoe laces
Plastic Monster finger puppets
Phone charms
Small USB key
Spinning top
Stick-on mustaches
Temporary tattoos
Tiny plastic bugs, dinos etc.
USB stick
Vampire teeth
Washi tape

 A little reminder how to make a cone:

Trace around a 10” diameter lid and cut out a paper circle.

Fold the circle in half then open it up and cut it into 2 equal halves.
Roll one half of the circle into a cone.


Secure the end with double sided tape.

Add a bead of glue on the inner rim of the cone shape then add the crepe paper ice cream ball.

Allow the the glue to dry.

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