Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Glitter Spider Web

The Tiny Funnel

Did you think we fell off the planet Earth? It feels that way in terms of blogging.
I've been very busy this summer with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas development for work. The boy is going to camp, the husband traveled to Germany- busy! busy! And while we've been doing projects - most are work related. 

OH-And I've discovered Instagram (look there's a little box on the right column!) 

I had plans to make a “firework” version of this spider web for the 4th of July- but instead it rained cats and dogs here and we all went to IKEA to shop for mattress (which we did not buy BTW).

I may try making one in fine glitter anyway but I have to stock up. I know! The girl who loves glitter is almost out. Crazy!

So that's why you're seeing this spider web in July.

In the meantime, I was interviewed by Cindy Atoji Keene from The Boston Globe about my job. It was pretty cool-the linky is here. She is wonderful and we had some lovely talks.

The Tiny Funnel
If YOU want to try making a glitter fireworks or a spider web place mat-- here's what I found out:

Use flexible drying glue like Aleen's tacky glue and not Elmer's white glue as white glue dried brittle and hard and the whole thing snapped apart. 

Draw your design on a piece of paper first- put a piece of wax paper over the drawing (may need to overlap because you drew something biggish) and lay lines of glue on the wax paper over the drawing.

Sprinkle the glitter all over the glue and let it sit until it’s dry- don’t fuss with it. Maybe gently tap some of the excess away onto an extra piece of pre-creased paper (it’s easier to help get the glitter back into the jar).

DON'T get impatient and try drying it in the oven- the wax will melt to the glue and you will have to trim it away like I did.

When it's completely dry – use a (dry) paint brush to loosen any glitter that is not stuck down- that’s my trick for glitter projects so that you don’t leave a trail about the house.

I’d love to see yours if you make one!


  1. What a great interview! I love learning all the details of your job, such fun!

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