Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wire Nests

I've dyed a lot of eggs and made a lot of nests for work in years past. But for my own family- we're a little less organized - this is our last minute table decoration for our glitter eggs (left over from a work assignment).

For our Easter table we made these easy wire nests using 24 gauge wire "stringing wire" from the craft store (jewelry aisle).
Wrap the wire around a flexible ball (think big tennis ball or squeezey -used! dog ball pictured here).  

Just wrap and turn and wrap – holding the wire down with one hand on the ball. Criss-cross this way and that- it’s fine if it’s messy or sticks out. When the ball is pretty evenly covered- cut the wire and loop it back on the ball somewhere.

Spread the wires apart with your thumbs and squeeze the ball out. Mush (that’s a technical term) the sides down and smoosh any stragglers back into place until you have a nest shape. 
That’s it- TA- DA. If we'd more time, I might have added little seed beads to the wire as I wrapped it but there are eggs to be found!

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