Friday, December 18, 2015

Pine Cone Ornaments

The Tiny FunnelYou saw this coming right?
In keeping with my own self imposed rules of using only what I have on hand, I’m making another plastic Easter egg ornament. But it’s one that I’ve wanted to try for a while and it’s really fast and easy- and it has GLITTER! I love glitter!
Plastic Easter egg
Adhesive backed felt
Fine glitter
Clear tape
“Craft” toothbrush (doesn’t everyone have a Batman toothbrush hanging around?)
Paper plate
Push pin (rolled under the tape in the picture)
String or ribbon 

Cut the egg apart and snip off the little hinge.

Poke a hole in the top of the plastic egg, and then widen it with a thicker needle or a toothpick
(this plastic egg had 2 off-center holes all ready in it).
Loop and knot a 9” long piece of string or ribbon and thread the loop through the needle.
Push the needle through the inside and out the top of the plastic egg and remove the needle.

Secure the egg shut with clear tape.

Cut a small circle of adhesive felt, then add a slit to the center, remove the paper backing and thread it around the string on the top of the egg.
Cut three and one half 12” long by 1” wide strips of adhesive backed felt.
Draw a .25” line on one edge of the paper backing on each strip.
Cut scalloped “petals” on each strip but stop at the .25 line so there is a section completely uncut.

Use small scissors-medium and larger ones are harder to maneuver.
Consider cutting one strip with slightly smaller scallops to start with at the top of the pine cone.
Peel off the paper backing.

Start at the top of the egg and add the felt strip with the scallops pointing up, slowly pressing the bottom felt edge as it moves around and down the side.
Line the uncut edge up with the bottom of the previous row.

Trim the end at the bottom.

Peel back the petals a little and spoon glitter on the sticky surfaces over a paper/plastic plate.

Be enthusiastic with the glitter!
Flip the cone over and tap the bottom with handle of the craft toothbrush.
Brush the sides to encourage all the extra glitter to go back onto the plate.

So fast and pretty-try other colors too!

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