Sunday, December 13, 2015

Paper Star Ornaments

The Tiny Funnel

The Tiny FunnelI love sparkly wrapping papers! I've had these in my stash for awhile - but you can also use brown craft paper-and decorate it with glitter, markers, stamps or paint.

Larger stars work best with heavier papers. Try to use paper that's about the same weight as brown craft paper or a brown paper bag.

If you make much smaller stars, I recommend using a lighter weight paper- computer printer weight.

Cut the paper into 2” by 47" to 52" strips (smaller stars--cut them into 1" by 29" strips or even tiny .5" by 12"). 

In the tutorial pictures I'm working with 1" wide.  
If necessary, tape paper strips together with clear tape.

Loop one end of the paper strip through itself-like you're tying a knot.
Then pull, and flatten the "knot".

 The "knot" will form a shape like a  pentagon.
Fold the short end over. 

Keep folding the long strip of paper around the "knot". 

Flatten and crease each fold.

Follow the natural edges as the knot/pentagon shape is turned over.
Tuck the end into a fold.

Trim if there is a little extra tail.
Press the long edges in and pinch the corners together -- the star "inflates."
Pierce one star point with a push pin (or a looped piece of string threaded through a needle) and add a hanger through the hole.

Or make smaller stars, string them through the middle and make a garland. 

The Tiny Funnel

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