Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkey Candle Votives with Washi Tape Feathers

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

I've always wanted to make washi tape feathers and this project is the perfect use for them. I have too much washi tape; someday I will show you my collection and how I store it (not on an embroidery hoop anymore).
Velum (ours is gold from Michaels)
Washsi tape
Floral stems
Googly eyes
Felt – orange and red
Small glue dots OR double sided tape
Pompoms- 1” to 1.5’
Small glasses (we used our juice glasses from IKEA)
Battery operated tea lights
Optional: Parchment paper

I want to start by giving you this tip again:
Don't peel the glue dots off the paper! Touch the glue dot to the item you want to glue to and peel the base paper away.

Alternatively, you can tear a piece off (with a glue dot) from the paper roll that the dots are stuck on and use it to press the dot to the thing you want to adhere. It will peel away from the paper backing.

BUT- double sided tape works just as well (or perhaps better).

The glue dots work very well to attach the eyes, beak and snood.
Wrap a piece of scrap paper around the glass and trim it to size to make a template.
Cut as many vellum covers as you will need.
Secure the vellum on the glasses with clear tape.
Make the washi tape feathers using 32 gauge stem wire.
There are lots of ways to make washi tape feathers.

I suggest you make as many as you can, as quickly as possible, if you're making a lot of turkey votives.
Here's how I made these:

Cut the floral wires in half.
Double up the washi tape widths, as most rolls are too thin to make the feathers.

You can use the parchment paper to lay  the tape strips next to each and cut them into 4" sections.

Sandwich the floral stem between the two sticky sides.
Cut angled slits with scissors (or if you have the Martha Stewart fringe scissors --this is about the only opportunity you'll ever have to use them). 
Then cut the stems off (you don't need them).

Use glue dots or double sided tape to stick each feather to the back of the covered glass. Attach about five feathers per votive.
Curve them to look pretty.

Add two small eyes, an orange felt triangle beak and a red snood--all attached with glue dots to make the turkey head.
Then add the head to the front of the votive with glue dots.
Be enthusiastic sticking the head on so it doesn't droop.

You could use wax tea lights as nothing comes in contact with the flame but if this is for the children's table, I would definitely use battery operated tea lights.

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