Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Lego Storage and Display Jars

Lego blocks have been a huge part of my life for the last 10 years; not just because I have a child who was crazy about them at a very early age but also because I’ve developed and/or styled quite a few projects about how to store them. 

While I was developing a project for work last spring, I discovered something amazing! Maybe you already know? You can CUT the thin Lego plates! Like butter!

Seriously excited about that. I made some to fit into the top of the Lego Travel Case for work. I’m a big fan of The Stanley Deep Pro Organizer for Travel Lego Adventures (and sewing supplies, art supplies etc.)

I tested cutting them to fit into the indentations on the lid and gluing them in place for car travel (they didn’t do that in the final feature). 

As my son and I clean his room and move toys out-there are some things that are too special to disappear and last week I started making a few things to save “special features” like jewels, flora, those tiny drinking glasses (they just crack me up). And of course- Lego people! You’ve got to save those tiny people.

I used a plastic Sauerkraut jar from Trader Joes but any clear plastic jar will work- we like to see what’s in there.

Lego Plate- ours measures 10”x10”
Plastic jar with lid
Kitchen scissors
200 Grit Sandpaper
E-6000 Clear “Craft Adhesive”—this is an industrial-strength adhesive made from a clear drying, flexible epoxy for adults to use- not children! Always read the directions/precautions on the package!

Trace around the lid or the insert (white in the picture) onto the back of the Lego plate.
Trim around the line.

Lightly sand the edges (and any imperfections).
Add glue to the lid and set the Lego disk on top-bumps up!

Mind the strings- the glue is very stringy!
Let it dry for 30 minutes – a full set up takes 24-72 hours (according to the internet).
And you’re done. 

I have another project that uses the rest of the Lego plate to display all the little Lego people -- I'll post that soon but in the mean time-
Make lots of storage display jars!

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