Thursday, November 28, 2013

Flock of Turkey Crayon Cups

Did you know that a group of wild turkeys is referred to as a flock whereas a group of domesticated turkeys is referred to as rafter? or so I read on the web.
I'm still going to call these guys a flock.

I really like using Scotch .5" removable squares for crafts- they give paper projects dimension. They're inexpensive and because they're removable - you can adjust things until you have them just the way you like. They're also easy for little fingers to peel the paper backing off.
However, the foam tape is not necessary- you could use double sided tape to put the turkey head together instead but I prefer not to use glue for this project because it doesn't hold instantly and it's messy.
I made this crayon holder turkey for work but they're plenty of extras for our table.


  • 9 ounce paper cups
  • Double sided tape
  • Glue stick
  • Removable double sided foam squares
  • Card stock
Special equipment:
  • Friskers scalloped scissors
  • 2.5” hole punch (or trace around a lid)
  • 2” hole punch (or trace around a lid)
1. Use pretty patterned paper cups or cover the cups with paper- hold in place with double sided tape.

2. Cut (six) 6” long by 2.5” wide feathers using Friskers scalloped scissors.

3. Crease the feather in the middle to give it dimension (you can fold the shape and cut through both side at once).

4.Tape the feathers together in a fan arrangement using the double sided tape.

5.Tape them to the back of the cup.

6. Cut or punch a 2.5” circle and a 2” circle.

7. Make dot pupils on 2 small card stock circles for eyes and attach using glue stick to the smaller circle.

8. Add a snood and a beak to each face below the eyes.

9. Connect the back circle to the head circle using the foam tape and attach them to the front of the cup.



  1. This is hands down one of the cutest Thanksgiving ideas I have seen!!! Love these guys to pieces. Well done.