Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cork Printed Wrapping Paper

There are so many things you can print with- pretty much anything will make a print. For this project we needed fun wrapping paper- fast. And “confetti” is so:

a) fun
b) popular
c) easy to make with “wine corks”

We tested 4 cork types (not all made of real cork):
Natural, agglomerated (cork bits stuck together), a rubber cork and a synthetic cork.

The agglomerated and rubber corks were my favorites to print with but synthetic didn’t work very well at all (and I was surprised).

The natural corks printed with a lot of variations - sometimes very clean and fully filled in and others printed mottled dots.


We used pigment inks- which take a little longer to dry – hence hanging the paper up but they dry bright and they're what I had on hand.  
The boy twirled his cork and made some excellent patterns.

This is just a fun random project-perfect to do on a rainy day and then you have wrapping paper for the future.

And it’s a good thing to do before you break your arm mountain biking-at the start of summer break.So sad.


  1. Bummer. After looking forward to summer break too! Hope he is healing quickly and before the summer has completely gone.

    LOVE your cork printed paper. So simple and yet look how fun and cheerful it turned out! Great idea! Great tutorial!

  2. Oh no, that's terrible, and right at the beginning of summer! I know you'll be able to think of lots of fun things to do even with a broken arm. Here's hoping that it heals quickly!

  3. Maybe we should not call it 'summer BREAK'