Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pajama Pillow Bag

This pajama bag is very easy to make. I bought this owl pillow from Target and used a seam ripper to open the bottom seam, then removed the stuffing.  Wash and dry the empty pillow cover to remove any sizing.


One could just sew the hems down but for non-sewers (you know who you are) I tested two different ways to bind the hem; I wanted options I knew could go through the wash.
Sewing, gluing or iron-on seam binding all work just fine and you can decide which method you like:

1. Fabric-tac glue (the orange side).This glue is a little stinky to use but goes through the wash intact.

2.Therm-o Web Heat'n Bond
 Ultra Hold Iron-on Adhesive  
(the green side).
Measure out a piece of the iron-on tape and iron it on the hem; remove the paper backing and fold the hem over and iron a second time.


Once the hem is tidy on both sides, sew on 3 large snaps.
That's it- you're done! Yay!

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