Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Washi Tape Covered Tapered Candles

Incredibly easy.
Washi tape covered tapers.

Often when people ask me what I do exactly-I give them my elevator explanation: I design, develop and craft projects for children and their families, often taking the projects to “finish” for publication. It’s a fancy way of saying I make stuff. Sometimes I’m asked to reverse engineer things, add a spin or change a material or a process, make it “original and new”; what my husband calls – making a better mousetrap. He says the mousetrap is perfect-very hard to improve on its design. But still I try. Try to make a better design. New, different, original. 

So easy. Not.

In August I work on Christmas things and try think of-“gifts kids can make” and often I miss the mark (too hard, dangerous, adult, easy, childish etc.)- but in the meantime I get to make things that I really like – in concept.
My head is bulging with ideas of what to do with my pak-roll of washi tape that I bought for myself from Happy Tape
One of the things I wanted to try was covering candle tapers with the washi tape- I’ve seen cans, glass, - even candle pillars with washi tape but I haven’t seen any tapered candles. Maybe, I think - This is my new mouse trap!?

I tested the big question- does the tape burn?

Yes, while the tape burned- it was just a little - then- it stopped. While I would never leave a candle unattended and I don’t think you should either- the tape was a pretty addition and it burned itself out with the melting wax.

I think I might make more and bring them as a hostess present to a party this weekend. I bought a box of white tapers from IKEA so I'm ready to make bunch. 

I tried burning the tapers all the way down- the melted wax puddles in the paper tape until the paper burns, then the wax comes shooting out- all over the table. We've taken to putting ours on little plates.

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