Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Cookie Cutter Storage

The Tiny Funnel
I’ve started contributing to Fork and Beans!   Yay! Hurray! You can see the whole post on how to make these edible cupid arrows over the Fork and Beans website and check out all the fabulous recipes and cute food ideas there. I feel like I've won the lottery to be able work with Cara and her team.

In the meantime, here's how I store all my cookie cutters because crafting is still hampered by having only one hand to do fine motor work (I'm comically unable to cut onions).

Some of my favorite snacks begin with cookie cutters.  Some days, I have too many but when I find the perfect one at the bottom of the pile, I have just enough.

You too?

I’ve “organized” them through the years in increasing, larger plastic boxes; but then when I need one - have to dump them all out.
I finally have a solution and I love it.

The Tiny Funnel
The cookie cutters are now organized in little drawers in a scrap booking paper organizer.  I just open the drawer and SEE the cutter I need.

The Tiny Funnel
My set of drawers lives in the pantry where there was once a box with too many kinds of tea. There are only 6 kinds of tea now and a place to put the ever growing collection of cookie cutters.

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