Friday, March 13, 2015

St Patrick's Day Cucumber Pot's of Gold

I tested making little "pots of gold" for work awhile back –they're really easy and fun. A lot of my job as a developer is to test things like this to see if they're going to work, how hard they are to make or what options look and taste the best.

Slice a (washed) cucumber into 2” sections.

Use a melon scooper to take out the soft center then add hummus, a handle and some gold “coins”.

I tested making the tiny coins by punching disks from a yellow pepper with a straw, an apple corer and also tried them diced.
 Here are some of the options I tried:

 And here are some of different handles:  celery, carrot and a scallion (not so good). 

My favorite version has little legs but it's more complicated to make and it actually seeps a little cucumber juice after its sat for awhile. The celery handle is the easiest and looks the best.
I wonder what else you could use for the coins? Cheese? Some tiny crackers?

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