Monday, December 10, 2012

Healthy Graham Cracker Gingerbread Style Houses

These were tests for work in August - hence the different roofs and sides, though they will look much crazier than these when we make them next week with the boys.
They're a "healthy" option to the candy versions and we actually ate these after I took the pictures.


The houses are constructed using peanut butter- JIFF peanut butter, as it held them together the best. Also, building them on a cracker base meant I could move them around and they were pretty sturdy.

I tested cream cheese but they just fell apart after about 30 minutes. 

Trim the graham cracker walls with a serrated knife.  

Spoon several tablespoons of peanut butter into a quart plastic bag and snip the corner off, then pipe the PB onto the edges and stick the house together. 

I added the roof bits before attaching them to the top edges. Then added windows, doors and garden/walkway details.


The kitchen was a mess but it was fun.


  1. How Brilliant!
    Thanks for sharing :0)

  2. I was taking a quick look at your blog and spied this! Kimberly, this is one of the very cutest graham cracker "gingerbread" houses I have seen!!!