Valentines' Day Necklace

The Tiny Funnel
It’s been awhile since I put a craft up here. I’ve been busy getting ready for a little art show. But Valentines’ Day is coming and I thought it would be fun to whip up a necklace in celebration.

The Tiny Funnel


Clean dry water or milk carton jug
3 (or more) small jump rings and 1 larger jump ring (I used a 10mm)
Necklace chain
Sharpie marker
Small hole punch (1/4th or 1/8th inch)
Nail polish remover (not pictured)

The Tiny Funnel
Cut a piece of plastic from the milk jug.
Trace a heart onto the plastic with the Sharpie marker and cut the heart shape.

Use the nail polish remover to remove the marker.

Punch a hole in one side and add a small jump ring.
Repeat with as many hearts as you want- I made 3 hearts; one each for my husband, my son and my dog.

The Tiny Funnel

Just a word about jump rings- it's best to twist the opening ends away from each other- not pull them apart. You can do this with your fingers or pliers.
Then twist them back together.

Add all the hearts to the larger jump ring and you're done!
The Tiny Funnnel

TheTiny Funnel

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